Added General Constitution Material to Articles 11 through 20

Knocked out a big chunk of these tonight. Looks like I’ll be done this phase of the project next week.

Pax et bonum.

Added General Constitution Material to Articles 1 through 4

More to follow shortly (I hope).

Next Step

Pax et Bonum!

Again, I apologize for the lack of progress on this site.

The good news is the next step is about to begin. I’m going to go through the SFO Constitution, find passages that refer to specific articles in the rule, and add them to the articles page to make a bit . . . → Read More: Next Step

Relaunching as a clearinghouse...

After quite a bit of prayerful reflection, we’ve decided to relaunch this site. Instead of narrowly focusing on sharing stories about Secular Franciscans Living the Rule, we going to open things up and make this a place for gathering and sharing anything and everything about the Rule. A clearinghouse, if you will.

So if you . . . → Read More: Relaunching as a clearinghouse…