Added General Constitution Material to Articles 21 and 22

More to come next week. Article 23 has lots of references in the Constitution.

Here we go again…

After another hiatus, I’m going to try again to make this site a little more active by spending at least a little time on it each week. Material from the SFO General Constitutions has now been added to the page for every Rule up to number 10.

If you have any ideas about some . . . → Read More: Here we go again…

A stepping stone to the Gospel and its ideals

It is well to remember as we study this new version of the rule that it is a Way of Life and not merely a series of legal prescriptions. We know that St. Francis designated the Gospel as the supreme norm of life. He meant to put the Gospel before and above all conventionalism and . . . → Read More: A stepping stone to the Gospel and its ideals